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I'm a 21 year young, mental health advocate that created this blog to raise awareness towards suicide, depression, anxiety, ED, self harm. I want to show people that you're stronger than all of this. How do I know? I'm living proof. Keep fighting.
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Some days
My mind is like a black hole-
Full of questions.
They echo off the inside of my skull,
But never seem to fall quiet.

What am I doing?
Have I made a mistake?
Why did I ever decide to do this?
Wouldn’t it just be easier to go back?

Slowly the questions are answered,
Not by the brain in my head.
But by the ghost curled around my ribcage.

It whispers
That I should go back,
Crawl back into its arms.
It whispers
That I’ve made the wrong choice.
That I will never be happy this way.

And I always find myself listening.

When something that has lived
In the deepest crevices of your chest
For as long as you can remember,
Tells you something,
It’s next to impossible
To stop your ear drums from vibrating
With the sound of the words.

When my past speaks to me this way,
I need to remember
That what I had before wasn’t living.
It was dragging my body to the ground,
Like a house engulfed in flames.
Destroying itself from the inside out

I wasn’t living.
I was digging my own grave
And encasing myself in a coffin of bones,
Clothed by all my lost hopes,
All my lost dreams.

When my past speaks to me this way,
I need to remember
That I am more than a skeleton.
My skeleton is a house for my soul,
And the life that I contain
Should be visible over my bones.

I need to remember
That I am more than scars.
They are not the roadmap
That dictates where I am going.
They are solely the stories
Of where I have been.

When my past speaks to me this way,
I need to remember
What it’s like to feel.
Even when the downs are cliffs,
And the up hills are mountains.
Emotions will forever be better
Than emptiness.

I need to remember
How it feels to accomplish something
That doesn’t have to do with numbers.
So I can stop defining myself in digits,
And start defining myself by who I am.

When my past speaks to me this way,
I need to remember
That my life could be
Everything I ever dreamed of,
Because my dreams
No longer need to be locked inside a coffin.

I need to remember
What my future can hold.
That my life could be
The adventure of a lifetime…

If I let it.

- One the days when my disorder tries to pull me back, I need to remember… (Jaymee)

This so much

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lifelooksgoodonyou: I love you and I'm proud of you. Of your recovery and I'm proud of you even on your bad days. Take a minute, let it all out. Break down, breathe and regroup. "Fight it. Take the pain, ignite it. Put a noose around your mind, loose enough not to breathe & tie it to a tree and tell it "you belong to me". This ain't a noose this is a leash and I have new for you: You must obey me."


I am actually crying. Thank you

You’re so welcome! 21P saved me too.